TMMTD Vendor Information.

Become a vendor at Third Monday Trade Days!

Vendors MUST send a copy of their tax ID when the application is submitted. We are not able to approve applications submitted without this.

Please email a copy of your tax ID with your application form to or print and bring both your Texas State TAX Permit and PDF Vendor Application to the office during office hours.

Vendor Application (PDF) »

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For vendors with ANYTHING consumable, you must contact the McKinney Health Department before you apply or we cannot approve your application.

Payment for next months market should be made at the office during market hours before end of day Sunday (check, cash, or money order). Include space number and name with payment

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to market management listed in the Contact section of our website.

Vendor rules

  1. Management can rent spaces only to vendors who follow the vendor guidelines, pertinent federal, state and local laws and exhibit appropriate behavior.
  2. To retain your space, make a payment for next months market at the office during market hours before end of day Sunday (check, cash, or money order). Include space number and name with payment.
  3. Vendors must have a current Texas Sales Tax permit to sell at this market. To obtain one, please visit Texas Comptroller Site
  4. Vendors should be set up and ready to sell by 9am. Set up time is up to you as long as you are ready to sell by 9am!
  5. All vendor gates will be locked at 9am and will not be reopened until 5pm.
  6. All vendors are expected to sell Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Vendors are encouraged to be open Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm as this can be a busy shopping day. Vendors who do not open Saturday through Sunday risk losing their space. (please speak with the office manager if you want to sell only 1 day. Arrangements can be made.)
  7. Vendor spaces are rented to the applicant only. No subletting is permitted.
  8. Vending must occur from rented spaces. Vendors may not set up beyond the boundaries they are assigned.
  9. Vendors can not add or change merchandise without prior management approval.
  10. Due to concerns with overloading circuits, electric heaters and compressor-type AC units may not be operated in the booths. Propane heaters, fans, and "swamp coolers" are allowed.
  11. Remove all trash from your space(s) and take to the nearest receptacle.
  12. Vendors must notify the office as soon as possible if unable to attend. Only one miss is allowed per calendar year and rent must be paid in order to guarantee space. No-shows may lose their space.
  13. The market and its owners are not liable for any personal injury or property loss caused by theft, calamitous weather or accidents.
  14. Good customer service should be utilized by all vendors.
  15. Vendors and their employees must read and follow all Vendor Guidelines in order to remain a vendor at this market



  1. Vendors are to provide their own displays, tables, chairs, racks, shade, ice, etc. The market will provide only booth space. Booth space may not be traded, exchanged or assigned to others. Sales spaces may not be sublet, assigned, transferred, or used for parking or storage. Booths, exhibits, and trailers must fit in the space provided, no larger than 10ft x 10ft end to end. If larger than 10ft x 10ft vendor will be required to pay for 2 spaces. All trailers are required to purchase 2 spaces. If 2 spaces are not purchased and you have a trailer you will be required to purchase the additional space. This may cause you to lose your original space. Vendors may only sell the items specified in application.
  2. IF you are utilizing a trailer as part of display along with your double space we ask you to park your vehicle in the North Parking Lot.
  3. Vendors must sell only within their designated sales space. Additional items may not be sold. The number of vendors offering the same or similar items will be limited. The Market is NOT responsible for duplication of items among vendors. If you are selling a trademarked product we will only allow one vendor for that trademarked item. (Example-Thirty-one, Plexus, Scentsy, LuLaRoe, Primer Design, Pampered Chef, Farmers Insurance).

Animal Vendor
Vendors who bring animals to sell Must carry Million Dollar Liability Insurance, along with current Dog Breeder Certification from TDLR, USDA, or the State where breeder breeds animals and/or houses animals, and Current Sales Tax ID from State Comptroller.

Food Vendor
All food vendors must have their Food Handlers Permit, Current Sales Tax ID from State Comptroller, Food Permit from City of McKinney Health Department. If said food vendor falls under the Texas Cottage Law, all samples must be in sealed container, with a label and be approved by the City of McKinney Health Department, with a Food Handlers Certification. ALL FOOD VENDORS MUST have all permits, certifications, sales tax on site, and on file with the Market.

Hours of Operation
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Vendors must stay the duration of the event. No items can be sold or given out in other areas besides your space. The Market reserves the right to cancel any vendor application and the terms of this agreement at any time for any reason, without penalty to the Market. All decisions made by the Market will be final.

Payment for Space:
To ensure your space is yours you Must pay end of business Sunday of Market.
Space fee is payable via: Cash, Check, Money Order, or Credit/debit card.
Space fee must be paid by end of Business 10 calendar days prior to next market.

Sales Tax ID: Please submit Tax ID Number or Non-profit document ID to:

Covered space vendors may start set up at 8:00 A.M. Wednesday before Market.
All support vehicles must be out of the market perimeter no later than 8:55AM.
We ask you park your vehicle behind your covered space. Each vendor is given a Parking pass for entrance to the Market. If additional vehicles are needed to transport your product, you must unload that vehicle, move additional vehicle to the vendor parking area and then set up your space. Banners are optional but must be contained with-in the booth dimensions. All vendors must stay within their assigned space. No items can be sold or given out in other areas beside your space. The Market does NOT provide assistance loading, unloading, or setting up.

MALL Space Vendor:
You will be assigned a key to the mall to gain entrance/exit to set up, and restock at your most opportune time.
You are required to set up and be ready to sell Friday, Saturday, Sunday of market. 9A.M. to 5P.M.
Mall vendor parking is to be in the North Parking Lot of Market. You will be given a parking pass the Sunday of Market. No more parking inside the market off Henderson. If you are handicap please utilize the handicap designated space outside of the market in parking lot.

Lock and Leave Vendor:
You will be responsible for all security measures to be taken to ensure your property is secure. You are responsible for cleaning, maintenance of surrounding area for your entry, exit of your space. You must be set up and ready to sell Friday, Saturday, Sunday of Market. 9A.M. to 5P.M.

Tear Down:
For safety reasons you may not take down your booth until the Market Hours have concluded. NO vehicles may depart until the crowd has left the area. You will have until 10am Monday after market to remove all items.

Clean Up:
All garbage must be put into a closed bag and dropped off at trash cans. During the event Staff members will come by and collect your trash bags. Please make sure that your area is clean before leaving.

Participants are responsible for their own merchandise and equipment. The Market and its Staff WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSSES OR DAMAGES OF ANY KIND, whether by fire, theft, physical violence, elements of nature, or any other cause, however originating.

It is strongly recommended that all vendors maintain active liability insurance.
Vendor shall indemnify the Market, its officers, employees and agents against, and hold the Market, its officers, employees, and agents harmless from any and all claims, actions, causes of action, liability, lawsuits, judgments, damages, injuries, cost or expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, or injury to person or property or death of any person resulting from or based upon, in whole or in part, any act performed or omission in the performance of this contract by vendor, its agents, officers, and employees. This indemnity is intended to protect the Market, its agents, officers and employees from the consequences of their own negligence.

The provisions of this paragraph shall survive the termination of this contract.
Vendor hereby releases the Market from any actions for any loss or damage sustained by reason of any defect of any part of the water supply system, the sewage and drainage system, the gas system, electrical apparatus or wiring on the event site or any other premises or bandstand, and for any loss or damage resulting from fire, theft, water, tornado, rain, snow, strikes, civil commotion or riot, or otherwise caused by gross negligence of the Market.

Electrical Power:
To obtain electrical service for your booth you must request electricity (110) when submitting application. We will not be able to supply electricity if it is not requested on application. 1 plug will be provided per space. Additional plugs can be purchases for a fee of $15.00 a piece (110). Exhibitors are to provide their own extension cords. (Minimum of 50 feet commercial extension cords). Generators may be allowed with prior approval by the Market for outside use only.

Vendor Parking:
Vendor parking area will be located on North Side of Market
All vendors must park in their space, and if additional parking is necessary, vendor will park in this area.
You will receive 2 parking passes per space purchased. Additional vendor passes can be purchased for $5.00.
You must have a parking pass to be able to park. We will have your vendor passes at the Market Office.
You must show vendor pass to be able to park in the vendor area no exceptions.
If you lose your pass you will be required to purchase another for $10.00.
If you have paid for your space via an invoice, please come to the Market office with your paid square invoice to receive parking passes.
Vehicles may not be driven carelessly throughout the market.
No Driving allowed after 8:59A.M. before 4:59P.M. daily of the market.
If you arrive late you must make arrangements to tote/transport by hand/dolly/wagon etc. to your assigned space to set up. Drivers will be held responsible for damages to buildings, structures, vehicles and people.
Third Monday Trades Days, (The Market) reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any item or service we believe to be detrimental to the operation of The Market.

Third Monday Trades Days, reserves the right to evict any vendor or patron.
Third Monday Trades Days does not provide rain checks or refunds.
Merchandise and vehicles that are unattended, unauthorized, and/or abandoned on the property will be removed without liability to Third Monday Trades Days.

Third Monday Trades Days is not responsible for theft or damage to anything brought onto the premises. Anything left on the property is done so entirely at the individual’s own risk.

We reserve the right to establish acceptable sound levels. All Music played must not contain gruesom, obscene, indecent, shocking depiction, or other representations inconsistent with a proper moral, wholesome, environment, nor the sound level hinder the harmony of the Market.